#2 Galactic Fed: Zach Boyette

Digital nomads, remote work and traveling the world before you're 30

Zach Boyette is a digital nomad and a founder of a growth marketing agency Galactic Fed. He graduated from Vanderbilt, then worked at Google, then Toptal while coming on Remote Year, a year-long adventure with other remote workers, and deciding to co-found a marketing agency. Zach grew Galactic Fed to 100+ people team in just 3 years. Zach shares his travels on his Instagram.

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  • Religious determination to the goal: I was almost religiously determined to succeed in a startup at some point, and I knew that when I failed with my first one, and went to work at Google and other companies, that I was just going to be biding my time until it was right to do it again.

  • The return on meeting a lot of friends: Incremental value squeezing out of a 4.0 is not even close to the return on meeting a lot of friends. Just understanding how life works, how to talk to people, how to convey your ideas to other people, how to be a more social, normal, well adjusted person, which is really what I think most of my friends now, 10 plus years down the road, appreciate.

  • College is a sandbox for trying new things: College is really good for teaching you how to think and how to interact with people and giving you a sandbox to try new things that you wouldn't have tried before. It’s also more difficult to try them when you're working a full time job.

  • Any networking is just literally making new friends: I think the absolute wrong way to approach it is actually using the word networking. I get literally dozens of things like that a week on LinkedIn. No one appreciates that. Any networking is just literally making friends and hanging out and talking about cool stuff.

  • On mathematical approach to marketing: We use a mathematical growth type approach, which brought us a lot of success, because it was more scientific, I'd say that's more of like a procedural approach.

  • Being friends with your co-founder: If I didn't have fun with her, and being able to pull off steam and rant about things, it would be hard to pull off what we did. For that sort of stuff it’s just really important to have someone that you have a good personal relationship with.

  • Asynchronous online communication: Having enough time to focus on things that truly matter is the most important. Having a culture of too many phone calls breeds a sort of workplace politics. Because if you feel that your success at the job is the way that you talk about the things that you're doing, then you're naturally inclined to focus more on how you talk about the things you're doing, rather than focusing on the things you're doing.

  • Growing the growth rate of growth😂: Like, it's crazy how the growth rate of our growth is growing! We're growing more than we were growing last year, even.

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